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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last Update: 2010/04/21

Site Updates

I've finally put up the Submission Guidelines page, check under 'Submissions' menu on the left! I might change some parts every now and then, depending on if my step-by-step guidelines work well or not, if they are easy to follow & understand. I also might change some of the "conditions", to meet up with zine-makers conditions in a better & easier way.

Currently I'm working on a new website for the distro, hosted at Weebly. So don't be surprised to see very little news around here, since I've been spending quite some time working my way and learning how Weebly works.
I started building the distro's website there, first to experiment with Weebly's features after seeing other online shops hosted there, so their e-commerce features caught my curiosity. So far I've been enjoying the experience and will very probably move all the content of this website (here on Blogger) to the new one. Weebly has some great features when it comes to setting up an online shop, and it has proven to solve some of the "usability" problems that I was beginning to have with putting items available for sale here on Blogger.
I lose a few features from making my own PayPal buttons and adding them to each item on sale (like PayPal automatically adding a "Out of Stock" warning on a product that goes out of stock, without me having to do that "manually"), but let's face it: making dozens of different buttons on one website (PayPal) and then copy-paste the code of each button into Blogger posts (one post for each item) is a a heck of a lot of work. I tried doing it for a few items and I was getting all tangled up with problems of HTML code vs. Blogger posts code; I had to edit each post over and over again, even after I posted it, to get it the way I wanted it to look.
Weebly has proven to be quite efficient, with its drag & drop editor, and I can even have the zines available for sale in a perfect alphabetical order due to the drag & drop elements. No more need to worry about how to make that work through Blogger posts!

Don't be surprised if you don't see that many updates on the 'zines coming soon' section, since most of the titles are already chosen and in stock, for when the distro's shop "officially" opens for business. This doesn't mean I'm closed to submissions though (did you read the beginning of this post?).
Most of my time now is split between working on the new website, scanning zine covers, scanning other items, writing descriptions, writing a postage info page (and maybe add a chart or something), and testing the new website & e-commerce features to see if it can pull together a nice & user-friendly online shop.

Catalog Updates

Nothing new since the last update, but you can check the previous Updates post to see what zines are in the catalog, what zines are (expected) coming soon and what I've received for distro consideration.
To see what books will be available to "pre-order, check another previous Updates posts here.

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