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This shop is still under construction. Please be patient, and came back in a couple of days.
You can always contact me if you'd like to say hello ;-)
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Submission Guidelines

Invicta Distro is accepting zines for distro consideration!

Besides zines written in English language, other foreign languages - like Spanish, French, "Brazilian Portuguese" -, and the most obvious of them all, (not foreign to me!) Portuguese language, may apply.
I'm looking for European zine-makers mostly, but it's not a rule of exclusion to other zine-makers from other Continents! Also, I'm curious to know if there's anyone in the PALOP countries making zines!

All zines accepted will be sold on consignment and the profits will be split 50%/50% (half for the zine-maker, the other half for the distro). I'm a flexible person, so on some situations other split percentages can be agreed between zine-maker & the distro.
If you'd rather choose distro credit, I offer this option for the retail value (cover price) of the zine(s), and you pay for any shipping costs of sending the zines for stock. Or we can work on distro credit for the wholesale (50/50 split) price of your zine(s) and I pay for postage when I order your zine(s) for stock.
If none of these options suits you very much, we can come up with a better arrangement for both parties involved, just contact me so we can discuss things better.

If the zine is accepted, I'll order a few copies (of the # that was sent for consideration), usually less than 10 copies, for starts. Unless the zine really blows my mind like no other zine before, but usually it's less than 10 copies, ok.
So you have a zine, you are curious about Invicta Distro and would like to send me your work for distro consideration? That's great, just follow these simple steps before emailing me:

1 - Have you checked the Zine Topics page yet? That's basically a detailed list on the kind of topics of zines I'm currently interested in stocking for the distro. But, like I say on that page, even if your zine doesn't fall under those topics but you would still like to give it a try, I'm willing to give you a try too.

2 - Although I'll take (almost) any reading/artwork material for distro consideration, I'm not interested in text/artwork/etc whose content features sexism, racism, homophobia, trans/queer-phobia, insanely obscene, pornography (erotica is fine, but that's different from porn), sorry. Also, anything that appeals to violence towards women, children, animals & any other living creature in general, need not apply.

3 - Send me a copy of your zine! Yes, I need physical copy to read properly and to make a decision. I won't be able to return submissions unless you request the zine(s) back and you pay the postage so I can mail it back to you, sorry! Also, including an envelope with your zine is a good idea if you really want me to send it back...
Although I do understand that the current financial situation is hard for (almost) everybody, it will be difficult to get a real impression (opinion) of your zine if you only want to send a digital copy (image files, scans, PDF files, etc). Remember, a zine is not a blog, it is a psychical object, it's a sensory experience between seeing and touching (and sometimes smelling!).
Sometimes things work well on the computer screen but don't work that well when printed, and having worked in the graphic design & printing business I'm a bit "demanding" on these issues. Also, has an avid zine reader, I've found myself trying to read a zine that probably looked perfect to its maker's eyes, but when printed and/or assembled, ended up too "messy" that I just couldn't put myself (and my eyes) through it. Sometimes I manage, with great effort, to read a zine because the content is really important to me. But I don't see myself having that same zine in the distro's catalog and having other people go through the same frustration when they receive the zine in their order and find they just spent their money on something that has little to no use for them. That's very bad, for both the distro's reputation and the costumer's satisfaction.

In some rare cases, provided that you state your issues (for not being able to send a physical copy of your work) in a friendly manner, I will accept a digital copy, but keep in mind that the file(s) must have enough resolution so that I can read the text properly and "examine" any artwork, photographs, imagery AND read the text in good conditions. All zines accepted under these conditions will be sold on consignment.

4 - Please email me - distro . pt @ gmail . com (without the spaces!) and let me know:
* your name - if you use a nickname on your zine or sign it under “anonymous”, that's fine by me
* your zine title & issue number
* short description of the zine
* short bio (about a paragraph) about yourself
* your zine's wholesale price and retail price

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in your first email; I'll do my best to answer them.

5 - I will reply letting you know if I am interested. If I am I will give you my shipping address so you can send me your zine.

As soon as I receive your zine or other project I will send you an email to tell you that it has arrived. Please be patient, expect 1-2, 3 weeks maximum for me to go through all submissions. After that, and whether I decide to carry your zine or not, I will always reply to let you know what I've decided. If you don't hear back from me after a month you can e-mail me asking about it. Sometimes things get busy and emails get kinda “lost”, so just drop me a line again!

Last Update: 2010/05/06