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This shop is still under construction. Please be patient, and came back in a couple of days.
You can always contact me if you'd like to say hello ;-)
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Zine Topics

Here's a more detailed list on the kind of topics of zines I'm currently interested in stocking for the distro:

24-hour zines, compilation zines, split zines, one-shot zines
alternative lifestyles
art and design, comics, illustration
dark, bizarre, horror, gothic, vampires
eco-friendly guides
gender issues
how-to, guides, resources
kid friendly
literary, (short) fiction, creative non-fiction
mental health
mythology and folklore, occult
vegan lifestyle/cooking & recipes
women's health
zines history/collecting/zine reviews
and last, but not least, zines made by other distro owners ;-)

There's a lot to choose from, so if you have a zine about any of these topics, feel free to submit it for distro consideration. Since I can't afford to pay for a P.O. Box right now, to get my shipping address just use the contact page, or you can send an email to:
distro . pt @ gmail . com (without the spaces!)

I prefer zines with a maximum paper size/format of an A4 (21 x 29,7 cm = 8.3 x 11.7 inches), because of shipping & postage costs. But if you have a project that is that size (or bigger!) and think it would fit well in the catalog, please send anyway!

I prefer minis zines (like 8-page A4, for example), quarter-size/A6 sizes, half-size/A5 zines, and any other sizes in between; they can be squared-sized too, why not?, or anything else your imagination can come up with! The advantage of half-sized/A5 zines is that they fit well in less expensive envelopes, and with a little luck, you can throw another couple of zines and smaller ones in one single envelope, thus saving you postage!

If you're zine/self-published book doesn't fall into any of these topics, contact me anyway. I'd be happy to read different things, and discover other interesting topics! There's always room for learning new things, don't you think? :-)

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