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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last Update: 2010/04/26

Site Updates
Not much to tell about the new website on Weebly, except that I've been working on it, almost everyday. These last days though, I've been more into scanning zine covers and inside samples, so that I can add the images to each zine's catalog pages at the new website. I'm quite satisfied with how Weebly works, so hopefully in 2-3 weeks, I'll have the distro's shop officially open, starting with a few zines & buttons, so that people can start making orders and stuff.
I'll work on a "How to Order" page before I open the online-shop, of course! I also want to have a mail-order form - if people don't have a credit card to use with the PayPal cart system of the shop -, that you can download-print-fill & send it through snail mail... Works well if you're in Portugal, or within Europe, I guess. But I'm not so keen on using snail mail - receiving orders, sending (emailing) my address, then waiting to receive people's money (postal order or real cash), then sending their order, because it takes a long long time. But I'll look up the Internet for some info on how that usually works (or doesn't work!) and then it will all be explained in the future "How to Order" page. No point in fretting over that for now...

Catalog Updates:

Zines & other things
The week started off in a positive way, even though I'm counting on some (more) delays due to a strike in the national Postal Services that will affect some (random) locations. But anyway, I received the copies of Zine Capsule, a how-to guide on collecting & archiving zines for all you zine-collectors out there! Also, along with the zines from GZAGG (Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go), i ordered some GZAGG stickers & buttons.

Zines in stock: Leningrad; Larry #1 and Larry #2; Marbles; Mélange #2; Absent Cause #3; On Loving 'Dracula'; Zine Capsule; The Juniper #12; Meat zine: You're right in Liking It!; Revolutionary Women Stencil Zine; Doris #15: The Anti-Depression Guide; Ker-bloom! #82; You Don't Get There From Here #1; Bad Lyrics Project; I Hate My Mom's Cat, And Other Tails; The La-La Theory! #1.
Zines coming soon: Avow #22; some issues of Brainscan; Firewood #1; Greenblooded: An Introduction to Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene; Homobody #5; Show and Tell #5; Tenacious #18; Xerography Debt #26; Xtra Tuf #1; Zine World #28.

Even though there are quite a few zines in the catalog by now, I'll be accepting zines for distro consideration, until further notice!
If you don't have your zine in any distros yet, or even if you are in some distros, why not try your luck at Invicta Distro? So don't be shy and send me your zine for consideration! Check out the Submission Guidelines and/or the Zine Topics pages if you have some time. Thank you :)

To see what books will be available to order & reserve, check a previous Updates posts here.

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