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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Site Updates:

Last Update: 2010/04/13

Larry zine arrived yesterday, issues #1 and #2; I have a very limited stock since both issues are "limited editions", so when they're up on the catalog, be sure to buy our copy fast! Looks like the Zines H-M section is in good shape, with Larry zines & Leningrad zine.
And the good news keep coming: more zines titles coming soon! Only a few copies at first, to see how they go. Most of these zines are personal choices, some issues/authors are even personal favorites of mine. I tried choosing a bit of varied topics I'm interested in, and hope you are too ;-)

I can't get away from my love of books, no matter how i try to replace them with zines, so I've found some other interesting books, that hopefully other people might find interesting too.
As I've been saying from the beginning, if you're interested about any of the books mentioned below, be sure to get in touch with me as soon as possible, so I can work on a pre-order/reservation to stock them for you! With very few exceptions, I won't be able to have all the book titles in stock, so as soon as you contact me about ordering a title and I get the payment for the book, the sooner I can get a copy in stock and reserve it for you ;-) ! You ask for it, I'll get back to you with all the info on the book and the shipping costs, because I can ship books separately from zines to use the advantages of the "Publishing Mail" options of the postal services, that can be used when shipping out books. Unless a costumer decides otherwise, then I'll have to find the best shipping option to mail out "mixed items" packages (with zines & books), probably as Economy Mail, but it takes a bit longer than all other shipping options, of course.

Catalog Updates:

Coming Soon:
Zines coming soon: Leningrad; Larry #1 and #2; Marbles; Mélange #2Absent Cause #3; On Loving 'Dracula'; Zine Capsule; some issues of Brainscan; The Juniper #12; Meat zine: You're right in Liking It!; Revolutionary Women Stencil Zine; Doris #15: The Anti-Depression Guide; Ker-bloom! #82; You Don't Get There From Here #1; Bad Lyrics Project; I Hate My Mom's Cat: And Other Tails; The La-La Theory! #1.

Zines received for consideration: It's amazing how one can get anxious over mail! While I'm still waiting for the postman (or postlady!) to deliver some zines that are already in the catalog, I'm also waiting for other zines that were sent for consideration...
The catalog could use some other zines anyway, like your zine! If you don't have your zine in any distros yet, or even if you are in some distros, why not try your luck at Invicta Distro? So don't be shy and send me your zine for consideration! Thank you :)

Books about Zines - how-to make a zine, zine history & evolution: Stolen Sharpie Revolution #2 by Alex Wrekk, Whatcha Mean, What's a Zine? by Esther Pearl Watson & Mark Todd, Zines by Liz Farrelly, Michael Dorrian and David Recchia, Notes from Underground by Stephen Duncombe, Indie Publishing and DIY: Design it Yourself, by Ellen Lupton; and other books about Zines & the zine world.
Art history, women's gender studies, and women artists (in painting & cinema): Women Artists, by Uta Grosenick; Women, Art, and Society, by Whitney Chadwick; De Lempicka, by Gilles Néret (on female artist Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980)); Kahlo, by Andrea Kettenmann (on Frida Kahlo (1907-1954)); O'Keeffe, by Britta Benke (on Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986)); Marlene Dietrich, by Paul Duncan & James Ursini; Greta Garbo, by Paul Duncan & David Robinson.
Other topics focusing on developing your creativity, exploring new writing/artistic techniques and seeing life & art under new challenging perspectives: Kaleidoscope by Suzanne Simanaitis, Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal; The Guerilla Art Kit; How to be an Explorer of the World, A Portable Life Museum; This is Not a Book; The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.
Comics books & Graphic novels: The Last Lonely Saturday by Jordan Crane, Papercut Heart: a book of zines by Ian Sullivan Cant. Tattoo art & lifestyle: 1000 Tattoos, by Henk Schiffmacher & Burkhard Riemschneider.
Remember, if you're interested about any of the books mentioned above, be sure to get in touch with me as soon as possible, so I can work on a pre-order/reservation to stock them for you!

Everything else: I have some nice pin-buttons that I already managed to scan, and I'm expecting more to arrive in the next weeks, along with "custom-made" buttons with exclusive Invicta Distro designs, plus some stickers on various themes. Also, "paper goodies" (aka stationery) are expected in the mail within a couple of weeks. And I'll be making some exclusive Invicta Distro items too, maybe some photo prints and/or postcards & notecards, perhaps even some stickers...
In the meantime, I'm still looking for other zine/reading related buttons and also "about" the zine topics I'm interested in having in the catalog. 
If you make stickers/magnets/bookmarks/etc yourself and have wholesale prices for distros, feel free to get in touch! Currently I'm more interested in being contacted from (handmade) crafters in Europe, and specially in Portugal.

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