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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Site Updates:

Last Update: 2010/03/31

Some more news on the Catalog! The Books are still coming out easier than zines and very very soon I'll put some on the catalog. Don't forget, most books will need a "pre-order", because I can only buy them from my book resellers after I get a real order from a costumer. If you're interested about any of the books mentioned below, be sure to get in touch with me as soon as possible, so I can work on a pre-order/reservation to stock them for you!

Still working on writing the Submission Guidelines page, sorry! I think that page will be done as a work-in-progress...

Also, I'm still working through PayPal payment options, though I might be able to accept other types of payment, depending on where the orders come from (orders received from my own country and/or the European Union will get more payment options, like bank transfer payments because there are no fees or taxes attached, as far as I know anyway!). I might even consider cash payments, but I'm not sure that this is a viable option if money is being sent from overseas.

What's really getting on my nerves are the Postal Services in my country, as they offer a wide variety of options for sending mail/packages, specially internationally, but they work on a combination of 3-4 factors like weight + shipping speed + location (country/region of the world) + "pre-stamped" envelope type.
Sometimes other types of service may be cheaper than their "pre-stamped" envelopes and packages, even if I have to buy the envelope myself. I'd say they have too many options though, thus making it a bit more confusing to set up a postage chart for the distro's website. Also, they have special conditions for mailing out books (and other printed media, like magazines and newsletters), which isn't just exclusive to publishers but also available to individuals, though they don't have any information about prices or whatever in their website. So much for that, ha?
I still think that it will be easier and more reliable to deal with each order individually and calculate the postage costs after I get the order "pre-packed" inside an envelope, get it weighted on this simple scale I have and check the Postal Services website for the best option, considering shipping time & cost.

Catalog Updates:

Coming Soon:
Books: «Kaleidoscope» by Suzanne Simanaitis, Keri Smith's books; «The Artist's Way» by Julia Cameron; «The Last Lonely Saturday» by Jordan Crane; «Papercut Heart: a book of zines» Ian Sullivan Cant; «Indie Publishing» and «DIY: Design it Yourself», by Ellen Lupton; and other books about Zines, the zine world and other topics. Stay tuned!
Other books about zines: «Stolen Sharpie Revolution #2» by Alex Wrekk, «Whatcha Mean, What's a Zine?» by Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd; «Zines» by Liz Farrelly, Michael Dorrian and David Recchia; «Notes from Underground» by Stephen Duncombe.

Zines coming soon: Leningrad, Marbles, Mélange #2, and some issues of Brainscan.
Zines received for consideration: Larry #1 and #2.
So, as you can see, the catalog obviously needs more zines, like your zine! So don't be shy and send me your zine for consideration! Thank you :)

Everything else: some nice buttons will be arriving within the next 2 weeks, yey! But I'm still looking for other zine/reading related buttons and also other buttons "about" the zine topics I'm interested in having in the catalog. Some stickers will be available, hopefully during next April, but if you make stickers yourself and have wholesale prices for distros, feel free to get in touch! Same goes if you make buttons or magnets!

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