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Friday, March 26, 2010


Site Updates:

Last Update: 2010/03/26

Just a random tech-related thing, i changed the Customer's Feedback section from a 'page' to a blog 'post' for logistics issues... I might need to use the Pages for other stuff and I've realized doing it as a post will work just as fine.

I'm currently working on the "Submission Guidelines" about zines sent for distro consideration. It's a bit complex, so I've been checking other distros to see how they usually work. It's not that I don't know how I want to run my own distro, I just find it hard to put it into a text that makes sense for everyone.

I'm also working on the "How to Order" section, but it's taking more time than I thought, because I don't wanna mess up. The Portuguese postal service has lots of options for mailing stuff, specially internationally, and I wanna keep all those options available, but it's a mix of weights and countries/regions and envelope sizes. Since the beginning of this project that I thought it would be better to deal with each order's shipping cost individually, because one order can have several zines with different sizes thus requiring a bigger envelope, and even with books it can be tricky. I haven't tried PayPal's systems for postage because of these reasons.

About the Books catalog:
Books will need to have a "Sales/Info Form" - this meaning that you'll have to message me (it will be as simple as filling a little online form page, you won't have to waste time writing me an email, well, unless you really want to email me!) for info on the availability of a book, and I'll confirm you the its price, and give you an estimate of the time it will take to arrive & estimate shipping costs.
This is due to the fact that I can't physically & financially have copies in stock of all the books in the catalog, so I may be able to buy a few from time to time from resellers, but most of the times I will only buy them after I get a real order. Just an example, imagine someone wants a book, I'll order it and then that person changes its mind and doesn't want the book anymore, leaving me with an expense and an "extra" book for nothing.
I wish I could have an easier way to do this, for both of us - me and the costumers - but it's a financial risk that I can't take, remember that the distro is just starting!

Catalog Updates:

New in Stock: nothing - I'm waiting for your zines!
Sold Out: nothing, since there's nothing in stock yet ;-(

Coming Soon:
Books: Keri Smith's books; «The Artist's Way» by Julia Cameron; «The Last Lonely Saturday» by Jordan Crane; «Papercut Heart: a book of zines» Ian Sullivan Cant; and a bunch of other books about Zines, the zine world and other topics. Stay tuned!
Zines: you tell me; send me your zines for consideration! Thank you :)
Everything else: on the lookout for nice items & the best prices!

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