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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last update: 2010/06/08

A small and quick update on Catalog news, just to let you know what's been happening...

The catalog is quite well packed by now, even though there are a couple more zine titles that hopefully will arrive within this month or so. This week sees the arrival of the four issues of the Stick mini-zines from Quebec in Canada!
Catalog Updates
Zines in stock: check previous posts for the titles.

Zines coming soon: "I Knew a Motherfucker Like You and She Said..." #1 & #2; some issues of Little Grrrl Lost and Found zine; Subtext #7; Peter Singer's The Animal Liberation Movement: Its Philosophy, its Achievements, and its Future; Emma Goldman's Anarchism: What it Really Stands For and A New Declaration of. Independence.

Zines for consideration: Even though there are quite a few zines in the catalog by now, I'll be accepting zines for distro consideration, until further notice!

If you don't have your zine in any distros yet, or even if you are in some distros, why not try your chance at Invicta Distro? So don't be shy and send me your zine for consideration! Check out the Submission Guidelines, and also the Zine Topics page if you have some time. Thank you :)

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